Color of my Dreams

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

Disney Science Museum February 13, 2013

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ImageLast night, Mom took me to the Disney Science Museum. As far as I know, there is no Disney Science Museum, so I don’t know where that idea came from. It was a cool place with lots of mini escalators to different levels. We took one up to watch a science film, but my foot got stuck in the seat, so we left. There was a shark tank in the middle of the open building with a trick “tube” you could sit in so it looked like you were in the water and the shark was about to eat you. Then we hit the gift shop, where I bought a wooden pencil with a koala on top, even though I really wanted a princess statue, but it was too expensive. They were also pushing some new Disney movie about seven princesses and there were lots of plush animals around from the new movie.

My dreams are oddly vivid.


Math and hoarding February 12, 2013

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ImageLast night, I had yet another school dream, where I was back at Tech. I was enrolled in a math class and the professor was telling us how damn near impossible it was to get a passing grade in her class. I looked around in panic because I was in the wrong class! I know nothing about calculus or higher forms of math.

There was a form we had to fill out which, of course, since I can’t read in my dreams, I kept trying to fill out and failing. But this cute guy next to me told me not to worry. He would help me through the class. Yay!

Then I found myself walking home. In my underwear. I tried to cover up, but people were driving by, laughing. Luckily for my self-esteem, I can lucid dream, so I gave myself a T-shirt and shorts to finish the walk home in.

I was met by my first college roommate, Kelly, at our apartment. But before we could move in, we had to clean it out. And a hoarder had lived there before us. While Kelly and her mother worked on repairing the bathroom floor, my family worked on clearing all the board games the person who lived there before us had left behind. I gave everyone strict instructions on letting me see anything interesting they might find and also to leave the antique cookie jars alone. I planned to sell them on eBay. Mom found a nest of ants. Ugh. I decided to call it quits after the bathroom floor caved in and went back to Tech to drop my math class.

And then the alarm went off. My dreams are trying to drive me insane.


Fire and Oreos November 12, 2012

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This weekend I was in Marietta, GA, in a hotel, so I didn’t sleep well. And when I did sleep, I had strange dreams. Friday night, I dreamed I went to take off my earrings and found that I had forgotten to take out the last seven pairs I was wearing. So I had been walking around the doll event I was attending with eight pairs of earrings in. I don’t think I even own eight pairs. I could actually feel their weight on my ears in the dream.

Saturday night was full of bad dreams. I have recurring two dreams that really disturb me: those dealing with fire and my chinchilla, Oreo. So of course, that night, I dreamed of both. Mom had left a Coke bottle on a hot eye on the stove and that somehow caused a fire in the oven. I tried to put it out with a towel, but it wouldn’t go out. I asked my brother to get Oreo’s cage out of the kitchen and into the laundry room in case we had to evacuate. Instead of lifting it, he just pushed it into the laundry room, where it crashed and left a gap large enough for him to get out. We had to call the fire department because the fire in the oven was becoming out of control and I was trying to find Oreo in the smoke and without getting burned and I couldn’t find him. And it was so hot! And then I woke up to find myself being smothered by the hotel bed comforter.



Let’s not harp on it November 7, 2012

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After struggling to fall asleep last night due to the presidential election, I found myself in the band room of my old high school. I had discovered a new talent. I could play “Moonlight Sonata” on the ridges of a peanut butter cup wrapper, plucking them like a harp. So my band teacher decided I needed to learn how to play the harp.

I struggled with it, only able to pluck out the first few notes. I also had to learn how to put the “marching version” of the harp together, something I kept doing backwards. That’s right. I was going to march in parades with a harp. But I kept putting the front part of the harp on backwards and kept having to unscrew it and try again. I never did learn how to play the entire “Moonlight Sonata” on the thing. Damn my talent for playing music on candy bar wrappers.


Going to the chapel November 6, 2012

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Last night, my friend from middle school, Canedy, whom I’ve not seen since we were kids, came back to my hometown to visit me with her fiancĂ©. It was decided that instead of waiting for the wedding, they had to be married by Wednesday. We quickly hit the shops for wedding supplies, finding a Boston creme pie wedding cake and flowers at the grocery store before going to Lowe’s for garden supplies, since it was going to be an outdoor wedding.

Canedy found some kind of shiny purple lawn decoration she just had to have for the wedding, and put it in the shopping cart with a trellis. Some little kid saw it and wanted it, so the kid’s mother took it out of our cart and gave it to the kid. This was the ONLY purple thing in the store and in the dream, it was the ONLY thing we really HAD to have. So when the kid wouldn’t give it back, I punched her. Yes, I punched a child in my dream. But hey, my friend was going to have that shiny purple thing for her wedding. I didn’t feel bad at all.

Feel free to interpret.


Ye olde alma mater November 5, 2012

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I often dream I’m back in college, which usually turns into an uncomfortable dream because it often involves taking a test I’m not prepared for or finding my way to a class I can’t remember taking. Last night’s dream was no exception.

The dream actually had a premise for once. I had been out of school for two months with typhoid fever and was given my class schedule. I can never read in my dreams, so I had to try and remember what classes I was taking and where they were. For some reason, all my college classes were in my elementary school though. I found my geography class and they were taking a test. Luckily, it was on Australia so I did not panic. My next class was pitching. As in baseball. We had to pitch a perfect curveball. I couldn’t do it. The teacher made fun of me, so I threw a baseball at his head. He started yelling at me that I would fail the class, but I was all, “Drop/add is still in session, bitch.”

But then the dream turned into that frustrating phase where I couldn’t remember what my next class was or where I was supposed to go. Fortunately, my alarm woke me up, but my first waking thought was, “Crap, I’m late for English.”


Worms in my brain October 18, 2012

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Had two different dreams last night. In the first, I was back in high school, except I’d pulled a Sam Beckett and it was really me from the future. I was graduating and a “reporter” from the junior high school newspaper wanted to interview me. It turned out to be the younger, child-version of one of my coworkers, Missy. I got really excited because I was all, “OMG! I’m going to know you when you grow up. We’re totally going to be friends!” Child!Missy thought I was crazy. Then I tried to steal a piano. Dreams are so random.

The second dream was actually kind of scary. I had woken up to find a worm had started burrowing into my forehead. Its tail-end was still sticking out, just above my left eye. I was freaking out and tried to rush downstairs, only to find the staircase was full of worms. Somehow I made it down and I stuck my head over the sink and tried to shake the worm loose. I could feel it sliding out of my head, which was a really gross sensation. Then I had to go to the hospital to drain the infection it left behind. Think I’ll avoid any worms I see in the future.